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SAP HANA Monitoring Tool

Essential tools for real-time performance monitoring

The challenge

Proceed’s SAP HANA Monitoring tool provides best-in-class HANA database monitoring and event management technology to ensure optimum availability for simple to complex IT infrastructures. Utilising real-time monitoring, unattended event management, and historical data analysis tools, SAP HANA professionals have the ability to capture comprehensive views of overall health, and perform comprehensive drill-downs to identify and eliminate operational and performance bottlenecks.

The benefits

  • Powerful memory monitoring optimized for the SAP HANA in-memory database.
  • More in-depth monitoring and alerting capabilities than SAP Solutions Manager.
  • Quick access to important connection details, such as full SQL text, SQL plans, locks &
    more for DBAs transitioning from other databases.
  • Integrate existing scripts with easy and convenient user-defined collections (UDCs) and
    user-defined windows (UDWs)
  • Full web-enabled and tablet-enabled monitoring. Build custom workspaces of
    monitoring tab views.


Server Health
  • Dashboard of critical areas in the HANA database, including a breakdown of key memory areas
Service Memory Usage
  • Analysis of memory used by the various HANA services
Column Store Tables
  • Purpose-driven views of column store tables for memory optimization, including top memory used, top estimated size, and top delta
    usage, along with enhanced status information for delta merges and loads
  • Session-level information on applications
    • SQL statements
    • Query plans
    • Open Transactions
    • Locks
Volumes and Disks
  • Storage usage


  • Continuous view of delta merges, loads, and other operations
  • View the “ini” settings in the many different categories of HANA options

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