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SAP Archiving as a Service

Let the experts take care of your SAP archiving needs

The challenge

Effective management of SAP data is a growing challenge. Without archiving, costs rise and wider business goals are blocked by inefficient IT systems.  Implementing and managing effective SAP archiving requires expertise, time and ongoing maintenance.

Through our SAP Archiving as a Service we take care of this entire process – giving you time to focus on other business priorities.

The benefits

Using our SAP archiving expertise we’ll help you to:

  • Gain business agility and improve IT operational efficiency
  • Relieve strain on your internal resources
  • Increase efficiency in deployment and maintenance
  • Make full use of SAP’s powerful, integrated archiving system
  • Choose how and where information is archived and stored
  • Improve data recovery and accessibility for ease of reporting
  • Reduce SAP total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase SAP return on investment (ROI)

How we can help

Place all your SAP archiving needs in our capable hands through our SAP Archiving as a Service.

Our service applies best practice data management to the entire SAP archiving process. We manage everything for you, from planning and implementation, through to on-going maintenance.

Our unique three-step service provides:

  1. Management – establishing a comprehensive, best practice SAP archiving solution
  2. Monitoring – on-going monitoring and management of your system
  3. Storage – highly secure, efficient storage in our data centres

We also have an on-premise option available for this managed service.


Applying our data & document management expertise we’ll provide a SAP archiving system that includes:

  • Software to monitor and manage your archive
  • Capacity to store very large volumes of data
  • Efficient search and retrieval of archived data and documents
  • Reports on the status of your service

Key functionality:

  • Support for all SAP archiving types (data, documents and print lists)
  • Support of all archiving scenarios
  • Automatic or manual archiving of documents
  • Digital signature support
  • Seamless integration into your existing SAP landscape
  • Secure encrypted data transfer and storage
  • Conversion into long-term storage format
  • Support all SAP transactional systetms


Our Operations Team will monitor your SAP archive and infrastructure on an ongoing basis. This will ensure quality across the system and maximise accessibility.


Our data centres are the most advanced in Europe and UK Based

Proceed’s Object Storage offers the industry’s first comprehensive Cloud solution that solves the growing challenges of data storage in terms of cost, security, compliance, location, reliability and availability.  All data is stored in the UK, with high availability and the highest possible levels of physical and digital security, but delivered on a consumption basis. Object storage creates redundant storage with built-in encryption, that is infinitely scalable. Our Object Storage Cloud service is perfect for cost-effectively storing backup and archive data securely in the Cloud.

Key Features

Storage Architecture:

  • Security: 256-bit encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Redundancy: Three Ultra Secure data centre sites in the UK
  • Availability: Up to fifteen nines of availability for your data
  • API / open architecture: Integrate Cleversafe gateway
    with any big data application, eg: Hadoop
  • Compliant: Fully compliant for PCI DSS, FSA regulation,
    ISO 27001
  • Reduced backup: ‘slice and dice’ technology disperses data
    across multiple sites, reducing backup requirements
  • UK based data: No connections to the US –
    commercial or technical; no possibility of the dataleaving
    Proceed’s UK data centres.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra Secure: Ultra Secure Cloud, physical and digital security,
    including 256-bit encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Completely compliant: UK-guaranteed data centres, know exactly
    where your data is stored for compliance, and peace of mind over
    complete erasing of all data on request
  • Highly cost effective: Secure Cloud data storage delivered on a
    consumption basis; price comparable to Public Cloud; plus reduce the
    need for backup and replication costs
  • Infinitely scalable: Completely scalable object storage, solves the
    boom in data volumes indefinitely
  • Total flexibility: Avoid vendor lock-in and future-proof your data
    management; a powerful alternative to upgrading SAN hardware
  • Big-data ready: Object storage architecture gives customers an
    infinite pool of data, perfect for big data analytics (rather than block
    and file hierarchy which requires large volume replication).

Ultra Secure

  • Fully owned, military-grade data centres operating in Ash, Kent and
    Newbury, Berkshire
  • ISO 27001, IGSoC approved, PCI DSS, ITIL 3
  • We can provide 100% uptime with auto-failover to secondary sites
  • Our facilities are staffed 24/7/365 by fully vetted security, technical and
    network staff
  • Physical security – including 3m thick reinforced concrete walls, solid steel
    doors, CCTV system with 24-hour video recording, visual verification of all
    persons entering the data floors, no unescorted access, Electro Magnetic
    Pulse (EMP) protection, Tempest RFI intrusion protection, shared or dedicated
    partitioned areas redundant power, cooling and Carrier Neutral connectivity
  • Fully redundant, multi-homed, 10 gigabit network between data centres
    and to metropolitan PoPs.

More Features

  • Massive scalability for object-based
    data storage, scales-out infinitely
  • Slicing of data, encryption and
    dispersal algorithm technology
    securely transform and share data
    objects across multiple storage nodes
  • Data availability security; data stores
    are dispersed and can compensate
    in real time
  • Self-healing technology automatically
    returns storage nodes to full tolerance
    in the event of an outage


Get started

Our complimentary Proceed RightSizing SAP Assessment for ERP, CRM, SRM and Proceed RightSizing SAP BW Volume Assessment are the perfect places to start.

A SAP data consultant will analyse your data and produce a report outlining how your data can be managed.

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