The Cost Benefits of SAP Data Archiving Pre SAP HANA Migration

Monday, May 22nd, 2017


A migration to SAP HANA offers numerous cost and efficiency benefits to your department and entire organisation, thanks to the in-memory data platform’s real time analytic capabilities. However, SAP data archiving prior to migration is integral to extracting the highest possible value from the appliance. Your approach to data management also dictates how efficient your transition to SAP HANA will be. If you invest in proper SAP data archiving well before your migration, you’ll enjoy the cost benefits now and over the course of the appliance’s lifetime.


Reduce your upfront SAP HANA size requirements to save money on setup costs

Rightsizing is the process of analysing the data in your current SAP system and determining what can be deleted, what can be moved to other storage and what needs to be migrated to the new SAP appliance. From there, SAP data archiving can be implemented to reduce the size of the data repository that needs to be moved over to SAP HANA. If you reduce your upfront size requirements for SAP HANA, you reduce its overall running costs. Migration times are also reduced, saving you further costs from minimised downtime during the transition process.


Control data growth with a data management strategy to reduce TCO for SAP HANA

Reducing the size of your SAP HANA requirements also diminishes the ongoing costs of running the appliance, leading to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). That said, to enjoy the full benefits of these cost savings, an ongoing data management strategy is needed to control data growth. Without one, data growth could surge to the point that, a) you reach your data capacity limit and require a larger SAP HANA appliance and b) your overall system response times are lowered. Both these situations demand additional resources.


Avoid costly non-compliance penalties with the right data archiving strategy

SAP data archiving is also important for data compliance, especially with the GDPR just around the corner. Fail to archive data correctly, and the penalties you could incur for non-compliance could be far greater than the amount required to invest in SAP archiving. What’s more, without SAP data archiving, you run the risk of data loss: an extremely costly and potentially catastrophic scenario for your organisation.
Rightsizing forms the foundation of a solid data management strategy that reduces data growth and helps you extract maximum value from SAP HANA. Download our guide for more information about the benefits of Rightsizing and SAP archiving prior to a SAP HANA migration.