Proceeds SAP Data Management ROI Calculator

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Many of Proceeds’ customers have used our Data Management ROI calculator to show the business what can be achieved and the savings made prior to embarking on a SAP Data Management Project.  In many cases upon the completion of a successful project, Proceed customers see a ROI within 6-9 months, not to mention the on-going saving throughout the lifecycle of the data.

Controlling data growth in the current digital age is an on-going issue for all businesses, a strategy is crucial and is recommended by SAP to keep system landscapes running at an optimum level.  One of the main problems is engaging the business in this area, the benefits set against the need can be challenging to say the least!

Business Objections to overcome:

Removing data from the production system with result in lost information that maybe required at a future date

Business complete Data and documents which are removed from the SAP production system to cheaper tier storage (archive) are kept in a compliant (read-only) format and can still be recalled by the user should it be required, in most cases the user is unaware of where the data has been stored, retrieval time is the same or sometimes even quicker than the production system.

‘Just buy some more disk that will sort out any issues with space and performance’

This is not the case, it’s not always about the overall data total, data tables can be over populated, and this is a database issue not a hardware issue.  Nor is buying Tier 1 storage a cheap option, there are more cost implications to buying disk than just the initial price.

Managing data growth is an absolute must for businesses adopting SAP HANA in-memory appliances, it just doesn’t make sense keeping business obsolete data which is only accessed occasionally on HANA, data which is archived can be still accessed via HANA if and when required (data ageing)

Request our complimentary ROI Calculator which will give a comprehensive view of the savings to be made when a SAP Data Management project is completed