How to Streamline Your SAP HANA Migration Process with SAP Data Archiving

Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Your imminent move to SAP HANA will deliver many benefits to your IT department and business. From being able to access and analyse data more quickly, to minimising downtime and reducing TCO—but only if you implement a sound data management strategy prior to migration. If you move over to SAP HANA with too much data, you won’t be able to extract maximum value from the appliance. Let’s discuss how the migration process to SAP HANA can be streamlined with SAP data archiving.


SAP data archiving ahead of SAP HANA migration reduces downtime, costs and appliance set-up costs

SAP data archiving is the process of sorting through your SAP data and determining what needs to be moved over to SAP HANA, and what data can be archived or deleted. It’s an important part of the migration process, as minimising the data carried over to the appliance reduces migration times, setup costs and downtime throughout the transition.


SAP archiving is a precursor to a post-migration data control strategy

Besides reducing the amount of data you need to migrate to SAP HANA, SAP data archiving kickstarts your post-migration data growth control strategy. There’s little sense migrating to SAP HANA and three months later accumulating the same amount of data you began with. With a controlled data growth strategy, you can reduce overall TCO for the appliance as well as project running costs, and free up memory space, which helps increase data access response times and appliance refresh expectancies.


Carrying out SAP archiving in-house isn’t necessarily the cheapest or easiest option

You might be considering carrying out SAP data archiving in-house, using your IT team to sift through and identify SAP data that can be archived. However, migrating to SAP HANA is not as simple as a routine database migration—you need in-depth knowledge and experience of SAP to avoid incurring the unnecessary costs associated with troubleshooting along the way. The appliance is versatile, but the maintenance and system testing it requires is better carried out by an expert. If data archiving is not executed properly, your SAP data is also at risk. These hiccoughs can slow down the migration process and put pressure on resources that are required for other projects.


Proceed can help you manage migration and ongoing costs by identifying what data you actually need to migrate to SAP HANA

Proceed can assist with SAP archiving ahead of migrating SAP Business Suite or SAP BW to SAP HANA. Through RightSizing, we help you identify your SAP HANA data and size requirements by assessing your current SAP data. From there we identify any data that can be archived, to reduce what needs to be migrated to the new appliance.  We can also predict the savings you’ll enjoy by implementing a data archiving and data management strategy.

Your move to SAP HANA needn’t involve excessive downtime and resources. Simply outsource SAP data archiving and SAP data management to a third party that’s passionate about helping businesses extract maximum value from SAP HANA.
For a more in-depth view of how Proceed uses SAP archiving and RightSizing to make your migration to SAP HANA more efficient and less costly, download our guide: