Evolving your SAP systems in 2021 – start with your data strategy

Date: 03/02/2021

Event type: Webinar

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT

Many of the SAP customers we work with have been running their on-premise ECC systems on-premise for years (indeed, decades), and tell us that important data management topics have been on their priority list but have never quite made it to the top. But now, whether your priority for 2021 is to start planning that move to S/4HANA, reviewing your infrastructure and considering a migration to a hyperscaler platform, or simply to take costs out given new pressures on your organisation, starting with your SAP data strategy can deliver major benefits.

Webinar SAP Proceed 2021

On this webinar from SAP and Proceed Group you can hear from:

  1. Mark Darbyshire, SAP UK CTO, on a strategic framework for data which will also deliver significant cost savings and position your organisation for the future
  2. Nick Parkin, Proceed EMEA MD, who will share his experience of the benefits that organisations can achieve by SAP archiving, System Decommissioning, and Content Management

Mark and Nick will share the latest thinking from SAP and Proceed, customer case studies, and both the business and technical benefits that can be achieved by making a new SAP data strategy your priority to start 2021.  Join us on 3rd February and hear why this is one New Year’s resolution you will want to keep!

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