Managing your data before and after your HANA Migration

Date: 22/04/2020

Event type: Webinar

Venue: Online

Time: 13:30 - 14:30

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When implemented properly, SAP HANA delivers outstanding results in terms of performance, integration capabilities, analytic intelligence, data processing and improves ROI of your SAP landscape with faster time to value. To execute a successful technical migration to SAP HANA there are important, yet often overlooked steps, with a focus to reduce the risk of your journey to SAP HANA.

The recommended steps are:

 1: Correctly Size your HANA landscape
 2: Choose the right platform and migration strategy
 3: Cleanse your data
 4: Apply high implementation standards
 5: Do a proof of concept

In our Wednesday ‘Webinar’ Sessions we are covering SAP Best Practice Information Management and how you can succeed where many have failed to get data management in hand succinctly.

In this session we will be covering Step 3.  Data cleansing is one of the most essential activities to be perform before bringing your SAP systems into HANA and unfortunately it is also the most overlooked step. There are three important benefits from cleansing your data:

  • Reduced your data foot print will also reduce your infrastructure, hardware and SAP HANA licensing costs
  • Reduced data size allows you to perform the technical migration with reduced business downtime
  • By keeping only quality and necessary data in your system, SAP HANA performs even better after the technical migration

Once a strategy to prepare your data for your conversion is completed, your strategy is not finished, your data will continues to grow, so how do you incorporate your pre-HANA strategy to include ongoing management once you are live on HANA?

We will cover Step 3 and give answers on how to plan for a comprehensive data management strategy pre and post your HANA conversion, with customer success stories.  As an added bonus we will give a demonstration on our SAP Data RightSizer Analysis Tool which eliminates up to 80% of the manual processes of assessing your SAP data.




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