Best Practices For Adopting New Enterprise Technology

If you’re in the IT space, you probably know how challenging it is to roll out new technology. However, if you want to stay competitive and increase operational efficiency, you … + Read More

Whats been happening in 2017

PROCEED COMPLETES ITS 100th RIGHTSIZING IN READINESS FOR HANA PROJECT   As of September 2017 Proceed completed its 100th “Rightsizing” project with Caterpillar Australia ( Tom Jenkins Proceeds’ Technical Director … + Read More

Preparing For GDPR Checklist – 4 Steps To Take Now

By next year May, organisations that use the personal data of anyone residing in the EU will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Implementing a data … + Read More


Proceed are proud to announce the release of ACCELERATE FOR SAP ILM, bringing significant savings on SAP and Non-SAP legacy system decommissioning projects, reducing time and costs by up to … + Read More

Proceed’s Five Step Approach To Legacy System Decommissioning

 Identify applications    The first step in the decommissioning process is to identify possible applications that could be decommissioned and establish a comprehensive overview of their current function, as well … + Read More

Analysing the Costs and Benefits of Legacy System Decommissioning

Obsolete servers are taking up space and possibly draining your IT budget. In the digital world, things are constantly changing and your business needs to keep up if you want … + Read More

SAP GDPR Data – Delete or not to Delete that is the question?

Are you confused about how you can handle personal data from an SAP GDPR perspective at the end of its retention period with an on-premise SAP system? We have heard … + Read More

Why you should use an Expert when Decommissioning Legacy SAP Systems

IT systems are evolving and obsolete servers are costing you money, as well as taking up valuable space in your organisation. Decommissioning is the process of moving legacy data to … + Read More

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