Congratulations Steve on becoming a Certified Information Privacy Professional

Friday, December 22nd, 2017



Steve Lofthouse has been working with us here at Proceed for the last few months as our GDPR consultant. Many of you will have seen his blog posts on the GDPR, listened to his podcasts (view here) or met him at the SAP User Group Conference in November.

Steve has a masters degree in SAP consultancy, he’s an award winning SAP Mentor and has taught SAP at some of the UK’s best universities.

Over the last few months he has been studying to become a Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe.  The qualification requires extensive study and a two and a half hour exam centred on European Data Protection laws and their application to modern business.

We are pleased to say that he passed with flying colours and is one of only a handful of people within the SAP world to hold the qualification. We are excited to have Steve onboard as he brings extensive SAP experience and in-depth knowledge of European Data Protection requirements, both of which our clients really value.

“To be able to show companies that I’m qualified to advise them is really re-assuring for them.  There is lots of mis-leading information around about the GDPR and what companies need to do to become compliant. To be able to give people straight answers, and to have the qualification that backs them up is fantastic” – Steve Lofthouse