New Service Announcement Data Protection Services Helping SAP customers achieve compliance

Thursday, May 17th, 2018


A recent survey, carried out by the Ponemon Institute[1] revealed that many companies are behind schedule to achieve General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance by the 25th May deadline. 48% of the 1000 companies that responded[2] said that they did not expect to be compliant by the May 25 deadline.

Within the sphere of businesses using SAP software the causes for this are numerous. Many businesses have found a distinct lack of credible expertise; people with knowledge of both the law and SAP technologies. SAP landscapes can be large, disparate and complex and finding people who understand them is challenging.

Here at Proceed, we are involved with a number of large scale GDPR projects and our experience continues to show that compliance is challenging. Businesses have an understanding of the SAP tools they require to fulfil their legal obligations; however, they have significant difficulties in securing skilled and knowledgeable experts who know what needs to be done.

Proceed Data Protection Services offer a number of services aligned to the compliance needs of SAP centric businesses. Providing you with access to the skills, knowledge and experience that you need for your data protection compliance but find difficult to secure.


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For more in-depth information on our SAP Data Protection Services download our White Paper to read more.