Proceed Launch 21st Century Robotic Archiving Solution

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Automate repetitive processes with Proceeds’ NEW! Intelligent Robotic Archiving Solution (RAS), which enables organisations to redirect resources toward high-value activities, whilst RAS automates archiving processes in the background, keeping the management of SAP Basis data under control by automating the purging and/or archiving of data which has served its purpose and is irrelevant to the business.

Specifically designed to eliminate the task of ‘housekeeping’ SAP Basis data which has been known to grow exponentially, and is relatively easy to manage, but in 80% of our customer use cases is overlooked due to lack of resources or just not finding the time to deal with ‘old data’ when new innovative projects take priority.

Proceeds’ Robotic Archiving Solution (RAS) will:

• Reduce repetitive and manual activities
• Systematises’ time-consuming manual archiving processes
• Reduce TCO by continuous data management

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