Why you should use an Expert when Decommissioning Legacy SAP Systems

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

IT systems are evolving and obsolete servers are costing you money, as well as taking up valuable space in your organisation. Decommissioning is the process of moving legacy data to a repository where it can be easily accessed through modern technology. By doing this, you keep only the data that is required for future purposes like audits or inquiries. Simplifying your data management process can have many positive impacts on your business.

Do you know which legacy systems should stay operational and which should be decommissioned? Do you know what data actually needs to be maintained? Do you know how long the archived data should be retained? If not, you’ll need an expert to help you safely decommission your legacy systems.


Here’s how an expert can help:

As applications and systems reach the end of their life cycle, they’ll be replaced with newer, more modern user interfaces. Keeping these ancient systems alive to preserve data is costing you money. This is where decommissioning comes in.

To effectively migrate your data, you’ll need an information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy to manage data throughout the decommissioning process.This will help you identify systems for decommissioning and ensure safe decommissioning.

In the context of an ILM policy, an expert can help you with your decommissioning process by identifying what data to retain from your old servers. They can also help you with extracting data and give you front-end access to the data you’re keeping.

A proper archive solution ensures retention management and long-term preservation. By archiving necessary data, you can switch off the system and eliminate associated costs. This way you can satisfy retention policies, preserve your data, and ensure regulatory compliance. Because of legal compliance requirements, it’s vital to ensure efficient access to this information for audit and fiduciary purposes.


Choose Proceed to help with your legacy system decommissioning

Proceed can help you safely shut down SAP and non-SAP legacy systems while keeping your necessary data accessible. Our decommissioning and archive tools and technology can migrate and store legacy data—ensuring regulatory and audit requirements. Decommissioned data can be accessed directly through SAP applications, which means less training when it comes to new applications.

If you’d like to explore legacy system decommissioning in more detail, download our white paper to learn more