Proceed Rightsizer

Providing actionable insights to optimise your data volumes

About Proceed Rightsizer

Proceed Rightsizer enables customers to analyse their data and run actionable “What if” scenarios to aid in the management of data volumes.

Whether you are planning to migrate to SAP S/4HANA or Business suite on HANA or staying on your ECC6 system, understanding the distribution of your data and what can be archived or deleted is critical.

Proceed Rightsizer will help you get your data to the “best fit” for the move resulting in huge cost savings and faster migration. Keeping database growth intact also improves overall system performance.

Key product features

This product has the following key feature areas

Data overview

Proceed Rightsizer provides an overview of your SAP system and data can be broken down by modules, age of data, company code, sales organisation, purchasing group and many more combinations.

Data analysis and action

It provides answers to scenarios that include “What can be deleted?”, “What archive objects to use?”, “What is the min. size I can get my database to?” and more. An actionable plan can be created based on the answers.

Data forecast

Proceed Rightsizer allows for a growth forecast to indicate future data volumes, based on historic trends. It also includes the SAP HANA® sizer to determine what your SAP HANA® system requirements will be.

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