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Proceed and PBS Software

As the UK reseller for PBS Software (PBS) we provide advanced, tailored PBS data management solutions to our customers.

PBS provides SAP certified software to enhance SAP’s built-in Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) capability. They offer innovative solutions for archiving, extraction and NearLine storage.

We use PBS solutions to:

  • Determine data growth prior to archiving
  • Perform simple and fast access to archived data
  • Transfer data to state-of-the-art storage systems

Our main use of PBS software is in SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, BW and HANA.


ContentLink creates a direct, lean connection between SAP and storage systems such as: EMC Centera and Celerra, IBM DR550, NetApp FAS series and Hitachi.

As archived data is stored, it is saved directly in an unchangeable format to ensure legal compliance.

ContentLink supports the new SAP-specific WebDAV 3.0 protocol, alongside the SAP ArchiveLink interface. This means that data is extended to include metadata, including retention and storage rules – making it a flexible, future proof ILM solution

Archive add-ons for SAP ERP

Archive add-ons integrate archived data into SAP.

The add-ons are identical to SAP modules and can be easily installed. Once installed, they allow SAP users to access database and archive data in an integrated way using regular SAP transactions, reports or queries – providing an efficient, seamless user experience.

NearLine Analytic Infrastructure (NAI)

NAI extends SAP systems such as ERP, industry solutions and CRM with column-oriented database technology (SAP IQ) for processing application data.

NAI delivers extremely high levels of data compression (up to 90%, possibly more). This results in faster response times for database queries involving mass data.

This solution also supports rapid indexing of data archives. Archive indices are compressed and stored on the NAI server and can be deleted from SAP. This frees up SAP memory and results in quicker access to archived data.

Database Analyzer PLUS

Database Analyzer PLUS is a useful planning tool for data archiving projects. It analyses the size of archiving objects on a SAP database to accurately establish memory requirements. This solution also defines the distribution of documents in selected SAP modules and assesses SD, FI and MM documents to see if they are suitable for archiving.

CBW NearLine Storage IQ for SAP BW (CBW NLS IQ)

SAP’s in-built ILM capabilities create a high volume of archived data over time. NearLine storage can be used as part of a wider SAP ILM strategy to:

  • Connect archived data to SAP for rapid access and retrieval
  •  Control data growth in SAP
  • Process large volumes of archive data rapidly
  • Compress data to reduce storage costs

CBW NLS IQ is a certified NearLine storage solution for SAP BW.
This solution uses the column-based database technology of SAP IQ as NearLine storage for SAP BW.
It delivers high levels of data compression, reducing data volume and storage costs. The column-based database also provides significantly quicker reporting, by providing rapid access to NearLine data.

PBS NearLine Storage for SAP HANA

CBW NLS IQ can be used as a NearLine storage solution for SAP HANA. HANA’s rapid in-memory processing creates significant demands on hardware. Servers with a memory capacity in the terabyte range, plus corresponding solid-state disks are required to guarantee system stability. CBW NLS IQ can be used to reduce HANA hardware costs, by archiving application data not required for in-memory processing to NearLine storage. Compressed, archived data is transferred to a NearLine column-oriented database and stored on traditional hard drives – lowering TCO of HANA.

About PBS Software

Established in 1991 in Germany, PBS is a certified SAP Partner with over 1400 customers worldwide. The PBS team have unrivalled experience in developing Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) products within SAP.

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