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The decommissioning of SAP and Non-SAP legacy systems can be extremely complex, time consuming and very costly.

Proceed have been using SAP ILM since 2009 to decommission many legacy SAP and Non-SAP systems such as; JDE, BPCS, PeopleSoft and Oracle.  During this time, we have developed Accelerators which speed up and reduce the timescale and costs of decommissioning projects.

Our new release Accelerate for SAP ILM is now available, bringing significant savings on SAP and Non-SAP decommissioning projects, reducing Time and Costs by up to 70% and also increases the user experience of SAP ILM.

Replicating over 1200 of the most commonly used SAP transactions to ensure that users feel comfortable using decommissioned legacy data.  We have also replicated transactions from JDE and Oracle applications.

As part of Accelerate for SAP ILM Proceed have developed an ILM reporting tool that dramatically increases the delivery speed of information requests from business users, which again enhances the individuals experience.

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