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Simplifying global SAP personal data legislation compliance

What is Automate?

Due to legislation employers still have to keep employee data for many years, so the need for a flexible blocking functionality is essential.

This is where Proceeds Automate Solution comes into its own, by either enhancing SAP ILM functionality or standalone, it gives users the ability to control what personal information needs to be retained, redacted or fully deleted, with the option of a soft or hard delete for organisations who have a workforce who come and go (for instance seasonal employees)

How does Automate work?

The Automate Solution has been developed by Proceed to simplify SAP Data Compliance for personal SAP data, with rapid deployment and compatible with SAP systems 4.7c upwards, it offers SAP customers the assurance that legislation is met simply, with flexible options to meet the diverse requirements of their business.


Automate enhances functionality for the compliance of Personal SAP Data

  • Removes ALL  required data
  • Provides blocking functionality for SAP Personal Data
  • Option to soft or hard delete data
  • Simply solutions for ZHR & PA9000 data
  • Compatible with SAP Version 4.7c upwards
  • Ability to use SAP ILM retention management rules, if required
  • Provides an audit trail of employees who have been blocked or deleted


Automate reduces overall costs

  • Significant reduction in customisation costs
  • Simplified testing
  • Rapid deployment
  • Reduces the cost of bespoke objects management (ZHR & PA9000)


Benefits at a glance

Reduce Costs:

Automate can significantly reduce the cost of implementing GDPR policies

Manage Bespoke Tables:

Customer specific database tables containing employee data can be quickly added to the solution


Automate creates an audit log of activity proving an employee has been encrypted or deleted

Soft & Hard Delete

Its possible to soft delete an employee, this gives an option to undelete them if it was done in error


Automate can be extended to provide GDPR functionality to other areas of SAP outside of HCM. Vendor, Customer and Business Partner data can also be blocked using this technology

Ease of use in BAU

Aligned with Audit and User Teams. Automate looks for a common reporting process which can fulfil the needs of both.

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