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GDPR Data Analyser Tool

Simplify the search for where GDPR relevant data may be and report on it

The Challenge

There are many database tables within a SAP system and identifying which ones could potentially harbour GDPR relevant data is a time-consuming challenge.  Furthermore, mapping the tables back to the business processes and workstreams (which must be considered when subsequently acting to manage the GDPR data) adds even more complexity.

Proceed have developed a tool which will analyse the database tables looking for where GDPR data relevant data may be and mapping it back both to its functional source and potential ILM object.

The Benefits

The GDPR Data Analysis Tool comprises of two parts, the first is run as a background job which analyses all the database tables, if it finds data that could be potentially GDPR relevant and the database table has data within it,  the table is entered into the GDPR report.  The second part enables you to view the GDPR data report and export it to Excel for further analysis.

We have given the ability to filter the data by many different filters or combination of filters.

Key filters include:

  • Application Areas
  • Workstream
  • Authorisation Group
  • Application Component
  • ILM Object


  • Simplify GDPR data searches & reporting
  • Assists with GDPR compliance
  • Speeds up the task of finding personal data stored on your SAP systems
  • Reduces impact on resources


Analysis of the data can help the business decide on an appropriate strategy for meeting GDPR compliance, identifying which workstreams are impacted and the selection of appropriate ILM Objects.

Get Started

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