Analyse and streamline your data prior to running Business Suite on HANA using HANA data analysis software


Automated data analysis solution to assist with SAP HANA migration preparation

How we can help

If you are planning to migrate SAP HANA, our HANA data analysis solution will help to rightsize your data prior to your migration.

Our HANA Data Analysis solution will help you to:
  • Evaluate your SAP data
  • Identify old or infrequently accessed data
  • Test ‘what if’ scenarios to confirm what data can be omitted from the migration
  • Accurately specify the size of your SAP HANA appliance requirements
By streamlining your data:
  • The cost of migrating to SAP HANA will be reduced
  • SAP HANA appliance costs will be significantly lower
  • HANA will run efficiently and powerfully

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