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Robotic Archiving Solution

Bringing automation into the world of SAP BASIS data management

The challenge

SAP Basis Tables as with any other database table do grow in size and use valuable space required for more business relevant data.  A high percentage of the data created by Basis can be deleted or archived after a relatively short residency period* with no need to include the business in the purging or archiving exercise as it holds no relevance.

Purgeable or Archivable SAP Basis Data:

  • Workflow
  • Application Logs
  • RFC Logs
  • Batch Q Logs
  • Table change logs

*Data life-cycle on production system

The benefits

Implementing our Robotic Archiving Solution will give an almost immediate ROI, when factoring in savings on resources, storage etc.

  • SAP BASIS data automatically deleted or archived
  • Controls data growth simply
  • No resources required to manage this
  • Simple to implement

How we can help

Proceed over the years of helping customers manage their SAP data have found in general that ongoing data management housekeeping, (i.e: removing data which has no ‘business relevance’ and is no longer required so can be purged or archived simply and quickly with no business intervention), although offers quick wins as a data management strategy, also takes time and resources to put into action.

With this in mind Proceed have now developed our Robotic Archiving Solution which automatically purges or archives Basis data periodically as required, keeping occupied data table sizes under control and not wasting space on data that can simply be deleted or at least moved onto cheaper tier storage (archived) if company legislation depicts.

To get started we recommend:

  • For a high level view of what Basis data can be purged or archived a great place to start is by using our complimentary SAP data assessment, using non-confidential data we will produce a report which will give advise on how much Basis data could be removed and/or archived and how much this will reduce your overall data capacity by
  • To gain a more in-depth view of all your data and by how much it can be reduced on your live system, we recommend the implementation of our RightSizer Data Analysis Tool

Contact us to discuss in more detail what you would like to achieve by implementing a SAP data management strategy

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