Analyse and streamline your data prior to running Business Suite on HANA using HANA data analysis software


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When planning to migrate SAP HANA – Business Suite or S/4HANA, or need to analyse your ECC6 system/s,  our SAP Rightsizer data analysis tool will help to manage your data, prior to a migration or if you are staying on ECC6 for the time being, but need to keep your SAP data in check.

Our Software is installed on customers ECC6 System to Analyse their Data to give ‘What If’ Scenarios on:

  • What is the minimum size I can get my database if I delete and archive
  • I have a ‘specific size’ SAP HANA appliance what do I need to delete and/or archive to create a comfortable fit
  • If I delete only technical tables what size appliance will my data fit
  • What sequence to archive and/or delete would be the quickes
  • What can be deleted?
  • What are the easiest tables to archive
  • What archive objects to use
  • What is the minimum size I can get my database if I only delete

Once the ‘best fit’ has been decided for the ‘RightSizing’ analysis a blueprint is created on what needs to be completed. This automated process speeds up the analysis phase by up to 80% when compared to the manual process requirements.

By Streamlining your Data:

  • The cost of migrating to SAP HANA will be reduced
  • SAP HANA appliance costs will be significantly lower
  • SAP will run efficiently and powerfully

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