Use SAP data warehousing to run SAP HANA simply and efficiently.

Decommissioning Hub

Simplifying SAP system decommissioning eliminating risk

The challenge

Many of our customers find it difficult to allocate resources to enable SAP Decommissioning projects which, even though are guaranteed to show significant financial gains are not a priority for IT teams or the business with all the new digital technologies required or desired.


The benefits

Decommissioning Hub
Leveraging all the benefits of HANA, Proceeds’ Decommissioning Hub is a decommissioning tool, with the added and unique benefit of being able to retain data from a decommissioned system in a readable format as and when it is required.

Lowering the cost of TCO,  Decommissioning Hub, allows full flexibility when archiving without the concerns often associated with decommissioning legacy data.

Decommissioning Hub reduces TCO by lowering the cost of data storage by placing data from the decommissioned system in low cost cloud and reducing application licence costs, hardware costs, licence support fees and technical support costs. All this comes without losing auditing and reporting capabilities.

This Data decommissioning tools enable users to access all data within the decommissioned systems database.

How we can help

Users of the Proceed Decommissioning service in combination with the Decommissioning Hub, will enable IT staff to free up time spent doing maintenance tasks to focus on higher value strategic innovation projects that will move the business forward and help it to remain competitive

Decommissioning Hub works hand in glove with the SAP ILM with a seamless integration, if required, that allows for improved compliance, lower cost and complexity of existing IT landscape, and management of risk

With set data retention rules, the data is stored in a compliant manner until its allotted date of destruction

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