SAP ECC Unstructured Data Profiling


Locate and analyse documents stored in SAP

The challenge

Unstructured data (i.e; Documents), accumulate and can become problematic in size, existing in the SAP database and Content repository, they are often ignored or forgotten about, and rarely, if ever, required by the business.

Until now, there was no standard SAP solution available to help organisations understand what unstructured data is stored in their SAP ECC production system or content repository and where it resides or what business objects the data is associated with.

Proceeds’ SAP ECC Unstructured Data Profiling Tool provides a holistic view of the unstructured data in both SAP Database and Content Repository.



The benefits

With our SAP ECC Unstructured Data Profiling Tool a summarisation report is produced which lists the following information;

  • Unstructured data location
  • Business Object
  • Size of document
  • Document type
  • Orphan links
  • Number of attachments

BAU Usage
Business Users or BASIS team obtain the detailed information of unstructured data across ECC systems within a couple of clicks

Detailed analysis can be performed before migration such as SAP S/4 HANA, which allows for informed decisions to be made on what should be migrated, what should be archived, and possibly what can be purged from the system completely

ILM Implementations
This tool is vital during the SAP ILM implementation (both for Retention Management & Retention Warehouse)

Unstructured data growth monitoring
The unstructured data growth is monitored with respect to content repository, BOR and the SAP Database

Reduce Operating costs
Users can delete the unused/expired unstructured data based on the information provided by the tool which will reduce the space and costs whilst assisting with data compliance



Find out more

We are happy to show a demonstration on how this tool works just Contact us to find out more.

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