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SAP HANA Monitoring Tool

Essential tools for real-time performance monitoring

The challenge

Proceeds’ SAP HANA Monitoring tool provides best-in-class HANA database monitoring and event management technology to ensure optimum availability for simple to complex IT infrastructures. Utilising real-time monitoring, unattended event management, and historical data analysis tools, SAP HANA professionals have the ability to capture comprehensive views of overall health, and perform comprehensive drill-downs to identify and eliminate operational and performance bottlenecks.

The benefits

  • Powerful memory monitoring optimized for the SAP HANA in-memory database.
  • More in-depth monitoring and alerting capabilities than SAP Solutions Manager.
  • Quick access to important connection details, such as full SQL text, SQL plans, locks
    & more for DBAs transitioning from other databases.
  • Integrate existing scripts with easy and convenient user-defined collections (UDCs)
    and user-defined windows (UDWs)
  • Full web-enabled and tablet-enabled monitoring. Build custom workspaces of
    monitoring tab views.


Server Health

Dashboard of critical areas in the HANA database, including a breakdown of key memory areas

Service Memory Usage

Analysis of memory used by the various HANA services

Column Store Tables
Purpose-driven views of column store tables for memory optimization, including top memory used, top estimated size, and top delta
usage, along with enhanced status information for delta merges and loads

Session-level information on applications

  • SQL statements
  • Query plans
  • Open Transactions
  • Locks
Volumes and Disks Operations
  • Storage usage
  • Continuous view of delta merges, loads, and other operations

View the “ini” settings in the many different categories of HANA options

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