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A clear and structured approach to SAP content management delivering ongoing benefits

Key benefits of content management

Documents, everything from email correspondence, electronic attachments and even paper files, are often forgotten when looking at data management.  This can lead to unnecessary costs and loss of productivity.  Addressing Enterprise Content management, as part of your overall data management strategy, deliver many advantages including:

Simplify business processes

The storage of documents in SAP are typically not optimised. By effectively structuring document storage and reviewing workflows, can drastically simplify associated business processes and increase individual productivity.

Reduce costs

Documents can take up a large amount of storage space, resulting in unnecessary costs. By only retaining the documents that are needed, deleting what is no longer required and efficiently storing the documents that needs to be kept, will drive significant savings.

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Increase efficiency

By linking key business documents to SAP business transactions within the SAP user interface, you will gain a 360-degree view of content in context. This will allow for greater business intelligence and make your documents work harder.

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Regulatory compliance

As with data, documents can’t be retained indefinitely due to regulatory requirements such as GDPR. To reduce the business risks associated with non-compliance, it is essential that a retention management strategy is put in place for all documents.

Fines up to £17.5M or 4% of turnover for non-compliance with personnel information disclosure

Up to 50% data reduction in stored attachments

A structured, expert approach is key to ensure optimal storing, archiving and retrieval of documents in SAP

How we can help you

We cover the restructuring of document storage and flows, as well as the implementation, migration and support of content server solutions.


Document Management within SAP environments

With over two decades of experience in understanding effective SAP document storage, combined with add-on products and our network of partners, we help businesses to restructure their document processing and drive efficiencies.

Extended ECM by OpenText for SAP

Leverages an organisation’s investment in its enterprise content services software and other applications, while improving transparency and insight to improve decision making, automate business processes and expand the reach of governance policies.

SAP outbound documents

Reviewing and implementing a structured approached to SAP outbound documents such as purchase orders and billing documents is key to ensure the business is protected and meets its legal obligations. This instantly improves business processes and drives efficiency.

Vendor invoice management by OpenText

Helps you digitalise end to end processing of inbound business documents. The solution enables businesses to meet critical payment and compliance deadlines, it also reduces the time it takes to process documents, which enables you to maximise cashflow.

Integrating SAP with 3rd Party content solutions

There are times when there are advantages to sharing SAP business data and documents with your business office users. With our certified partners, Proceed can take your SAP environment and extend it into other content solutions such as Sharepoint.

Content Server solutions

We also provide services related to content servers and the ongoing support – this forms a key part of the delivery of our archiving and decommissioning services.

Content Server implementation and migration

We offer a range of content server services and work closely with our network of partners or the preferred customer vendor.  These include:

  • New content server implementation
  • Migration of content to new servers
  • Document extraction
  • Content server upgrades


Proceed’s Content as a Service provides a comprehensive and very cost-effective solution for customers to move their content solutions into the cloud.
This can be delivered to either a private cloud managed by the customer, or public cloud managed by Proceed. Content as a Service can provide an easily accessed cost-effective solution.

Proceed partners with multiple cloud hosting companies to provide a global Cloud presence for its customers.

Case Study: Learn how Croda International reduced migration costs by Rightsizing and Archiving Data

In conjunction with SAP, Proceed Group worked with Croda international to help reduce the size of their Oracle database to enable a migration to Business Suite on HANA.  This project included archiving using SAP ILM as well as legacy Content Server decommissioning using SAP IQ.

Learn how we managed to reduce their database size by 2.9TB.

Start optimising today

Let us review your existing document set-up and uncover the path to a streamlined system. We offer a complimentary assessment, providing an overview of your SAP document landscape.

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The process we follow

Combined with our expert consultants, state of the art products, is our tried and tested project methodology. We follow the below framework for delivering successful projects.

Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design of a suitable solution incl. content storage, VIM or Extended ECM solutions to support your company’s managed data and documents, including


Deployment of the designed solution onto your existing on premise, cloud, or hosted platform. Can also include a managed cloud solution

Migration and Support

Migration of data to the new content solution depending on scenario. Support of the deployed content storage solution during the project or as an ongoing service contract

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer and training for key business users and support staff to enable your business investment in the platform to be maximised

What the industry thinks

We’ve been delighted with our experience of working with Proceed Group, their depth of expertise and support they offer through every stage of the process has been excellent.


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