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Data Protection Services

Helping SAP Customers address the challenges of Data Protection & Compliance

The Challenge

Within the sphere of businesses using SAP software complying with the Data Protection legislation has caused numerous issues.  Many businesses have found a distinct lack of credible expertise; people with knowledge of both the law and SAP technologies. SAP landscapes can be large, disparate and complex and finding people who understand them is challenging. Proceeds’ Data Protection Services help companies using SAP to become compliant, through effective SAP data & document management, using SAP best practice and functionality.

How we can help

Here at Proceed, we are involved with a number of large scale GDPR compliance projects and our experience continues to show that compliance is more than just updating your privacy policy. Businesses have an understanding of the SAP tools they require to achieve compliance, however they have significant difficulties in securing skilled and knowledgeable compliance experts. One example we see regularly is the lack of understanding of what to do with the output from Information Steward once the SAP landscape has been scanned.

Proceed Data Protection Services offer a number of services aligned to the compliance needs of SAP centric businesses.  Providing companies with access to the skills, knowledge and experience that you need for data protection compliance.

Our Service

Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)

Our Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS),  has been developed with SAP centric businesses firmly in mind.  DPOaaS offers a number of service levels which have been developed to provide access to data protection expertise all year round. We have different service levels to choose from which suit most business types.

Bronze Service Level:

Privacy Protection Advisory, is for those who want access to knowledge, advice and a second opinion.

Silver Service Level:

For businesses that would rather outsource their Data Protection Officer needs entirely, our Silver tier offers this. Along with software tools, data protection training and audits.

Gold Service Level:

Our Gold level include the services of our security team. To test and harden your SAP landscape, secure your assets and assist you in responding to cyber security incidents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Platinum Service Level:

Modern business is a 24 hour a day activity and so are the cyber security and data protection threats that you face. Our enhanced, Platinum Tier Service, builds upon our Gold Tier; In addition to all of the Gold Tier Services, our Platinum level covers you to receive 24/7 coverage and the expertise of our Security Red Team.


SAP Assets for GDPR Project Service – Starter Packs

To assist you in getting up and running with your compliance project quickly, we have services centred on supplying, fitting and commissioning the necessary SAP software assets. We are able to supply enhanced starter packs for Information Steward (IS) and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) enabling you to get up and running quickly, and then work with you to understand the output of IS, analysing risks and identifying high risk processes.

Privacy Impact Assessment Tool

Proceed Data Protection Services has a number of innovative tools which sit inside your SAP landscape and are designed to meet data protection challenges. Our Privacy Impact Assessment tool enables you to undertake workflow driven Privacy Impact Assessments and output the results to Process Control thereby binding the assessment to the processes.

Cyber Security Assessment

Our team of highly skilled security professionals, are able to help you harden and secure your systems. We are able to assist you in selecting and implement a range of safeguards aimed at reducing the risks identified in your Privacy Impact Assessment. In addition, our team is able to assess your organisation against the UK Governments cyber security certification scheme with businesses achieving the Certified Status being granted £25,000 of cyber insurance.

Data Subject Access Request Portal:

Our Data Subject Access Request Portal is a unique SAP Cloud based solution, which enables citizens self-service access to their data in your landscape, something the GDPR requires. The portal includes unique features to assure identify, reduce operational risk and increase regulatory compliance.



Getting started

Prior to onboarding with our Data Protection as a Service we will undertake a comprehensive audit benchmarking of your organisations data protection compliance and produce an in-depth report on our findings,

Utilising this report we will be able to identify any gaps in compliance, recommend solutions to fulfil the gaps and assist in identifying the appropriate ongoing  DPOaaS service level from Proceeds Data Protection Services to meet your need.

View our Data Protection Services video on YouTube to learn more.

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