The integration of legacy systems is key to maintaining an efficient SAP landscape


Retire your legacy systems with confidence

The challenge

It’s not uncommon for businesses to end up running multiple systems and duplicating data.  The decommissioning of SAP & Non SAP legacy systems can be expensive and complex. By using SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) processes, legacy systems can be identified and safely decommissioned.

Once SAP & Non SAP legacy systems are decommissioned, costs will reduce and productivity will rise.


Our expertise in SAP ILM and decommissioning will help you to:

  • Simplify and control how legacy data is managed
  • Identify what systems can be decommissioned
  • Safely decommission old or unnecessary systems
  • Reduce storage, hardware and maintenance costs
  • Improve productivity and processes

How we can help

The decommissioning of SAP & Non SAP legacy systems can be done simply and efficiently with the support of our experienced SAP ILM consultants.

By establishing an effective ILM policy all data can be managed centrally in a SAP Data Retention Warehouse.

By safely decommissioning SAP & Non SAP legacy systems, you will reduce costs, ease the demand on IT resources and simplify your Landscape management.

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