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Keeping control of SAP data growth in a safe and timely manner

About Us

Proceed Archiving Solutions (PAS) are specialists in SAP Data Archiving Project Services, working across all industry sectors.  Our focus enables SAP customers to reduce the amount of data on production systems, using only SAP best practices and SAP accredited archiving solutions, safely moving the data which is business complete to cheaper tier storage,  our experienced consultants ensure old and new data is available for the required business processes whilst assisting with compliance and future data growth and keeping SAP systems clean, with optimised performance.

What we do

As an SAP databases grow, resource and administration efforts increase, while systems begins to perform under par.  A Data Archiving project helps organisations manage the size of the  SAP database and ensures continued access to historical data.  It securely stores data on a long-term archiving platform (lower tier) so when users need to access the data, it is available directly from the SAP user interface.

Archiving SAP data accelerates backup and recovery times, reduces administrative costs, minimises hardware costs and decreases the time it takes to implement SAP upgrades (less data = less time)

Helping SAP customers control data growth which includes the following benefits;

  • Reduction of backup and recovery times
  • Reduction of administrative and hardware costs
  • Decrease the implementation time of SAP upgrades/projects
  • Assist with compliance and reduce risks by secure long-term archiving
  • Improve system SAP performance, response time and system availability
  • Reduce resource consumption of the SAP database
  • Access to historical data within your business context
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

How can we help?

Contact us if you would like to discuss SAP Data Archiving in more detail

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