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Proceed Content as a Service

Comprehensive and cost efficient cloud solution for secure content storage

About Proceed Content Solutions

As part of the Proceed Group of companies, Proceed Content Solutions continue to build on two decades of SAP Data & Document management experience.

Our aim as a service & solution provider is to enable SAP customers to keep control of their SAP data & documents storage growth and help keep data compliant.

We offer technical services for SAP certified content and archive solutions, to assist our customers to maximise their return on investment (ROI) which includes our Proceed Content as a Service.

Our goal is to deliver high quality solutions to the SAP marketplace.

Content as a Service

Proceeds Content as a Service provides a comprehensive and very cost-effective solution for customers to move their content solutions into the cloud.

This can be delivered to either a private cloud managed by the customer, or public cloud managed by Proceed.

Content as a Service in the Cloud is an easily accessed solution, keeping data growth on your production system under control.

Proceed partners with several large cloud hosting companies to provide a global Cloud presence for its customers as this is an extremely efficient way to store data which is only accessed occasionally.


  • Hosted in cloud located around the world including the UK and Germany
  • Fully managed solution as a service
  • Platform supports storage of documents, traditional data archiving, and SAP ILM
  • Consumption based model, keeping SLA costs low
  • Document compliance kept in-line with business data retention rules
  • Future proof solution (including S/4HANA and beyond)

Deployment options:

  • Migration of existing content solution onto the platform with expert support, minimising risk and reducing TCO
  • Managed switch over and deployment services for smooth implementation

As a SAP Gold partner we pride ourselves in providing cost effective solutions for the age old problem of data & document managment.

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