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SAP and non-SAP legacy system decommissioning simplified

About Proceed Decommissioning

Proceed Decommissioning provides services and solutions with a clear, structured approach to enable customers to decommission SAP and non-SAP systems with success.

Our focus is to ensure that the data is readily available in a viewable format to support any business, legal or auditing request. With the confidence of data access, legacy applications can be shut down, in turn releasing the huge costs associated with them.

The challenge

Most businesses acquire a high number of legacy systems over time. These systems are expensive to run due to high maintenance and licencing costs.

Organisations need to reduce overall costs of their IT landscape, be it to fund new innovative technologies or projects, or simply to support the bottom line.


The decommissioning of legacy systems can have a significant impact of total cost of ownership (TCO) and in most cases a reduction of up to 80% can be achieved. The benefits of decommissioning extends even further.

  • Cost-savings: As mentioned, this is often seen as the main driver for decommissioning. Includes infrastructure, hardware and software support costs, and staff costs
  • Mitigate business risks: This potentially has a greater impact. Older hardware may be unreliable, some or all of the software stack may be unsupported, the application may not scale to new workloads, or may not be compliant with new legal/audit requirements
  • Opportunity cost: The staff focussed on ‘keeping the lights on’ for legacy applications are not working on strategic business priorities
  • Environmental objectives: Legacy infrastructure typically has higher power consumption and space requirements per unit of compute and storage than more modern systems

How we can help

Proceed Group have been running data management projects worldwide for over twenty years. As a result, we can support your decommissioning journey with our services and product solutions.

We work with customers to create a compelling business case for decommissioning which is followed by the creation and realisation of a detailed project plan.

We also offer the state-of-the-art decommissioning product, Proceed Cella, which is completely complementary to SAP ILM.

Our services

Decommissioning Service
Our Decommissioning service will support you every step of the way. With our team of data management experts, we will perform the following tasks as part of the service.

At the core of any successful decommissioning project lies the analysis & blueprinting phase. During this phase the ERP system to be decommissioned is analysed in detail. This provides an understanding of what data needs to be extracted and moved to the decommissioning solution. The blueprint also considers what reports the users use and how these are to be created in the new solution.

Data Extraction
Extraction of the data needs to be carefully planned and orchestrated to ensure that all the data is brought across to the new solution. As the Legacy ERP solution will be switched off after the data has been extracted it has to be right first time.

Access to the data
It is critical that all your legacy data is still accessible, and we will use solutions such as Proceed Cella and SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to facilitate this.

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
Our team of consultants are SAP ILM experts and we provide a range of services to implement this solution. In summary the ILM solution includes:

Data is extracted from the legacy system using SAP Landscape Transformation Technology (SLT). Once extracted it is subsequently archived using enhanced archiving objects into the ILM.

Reports that are required need to be created either using ABAP report writer tools or by creating BW queries. When a report is called the data must first be extracted from the SAP ILM Retention Warehouse.

Solution Architecture
ILM Retention Warehouse runs on a dedicated NetWeaver® technology stack and requires an associated relational database. If SAP BW is being used for reporting then a BW landscape is required.

Proceed Cella

Proceed Cella is our in-house software solution that was developed to make the decommissioning of systems hassle-free. The Proceed Cella platform provide users with access to all their legacy data and it includes user-friendly, “out-of-the-box” reporting, commonly used transaction views and all document attachments.

Proceed Cella runs on the state-of-the-art SAP HANA® platform and is completely complementary to SAP ILM.

Read more about Proceed Cella>


Proceed Cloud Decommissioning

Reporting Architecture
Reporting is provided using Proceed Cella or our customers reporting tool of choice.

Hosting Architecture
Proceed partners with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google and VirtuStream (A Dell Company) to provide a global Cloud solution for decommissioning.

Decommissioning Factory

Working across SAP and non-SAP systems, we can support you through our five-step decommissioning factory approach to:

1. Application identification
Identify applications that could potentially be decommissioned and establish a complete picture of their current function.
2. Discovery and analysis
Explore applications in more detail to estimate feasibility, potential savings and disruption to identify the best candidates for decommissioning.
3. Decommissioning strategy
Identify which applications will be decommissioned and how to maximise ROI and minimise disruption.
Map all technical details for each application and evaluate the impact on business functions.
Involve stakeholders throughout, and evaluate the overall costs and benefits of decommissioning.
4. Decommissioning design
A detailed technical overview of how you’re going to implement decommissioning. We will then also recommend the best product fit for your business.
5. Project implementation
Implement your plan, remembering to document actions, undergo testing and deliver training as you progress.
Read more about our decommissioning stages.

Read more about our decommissioning stages.

“10% of applications running in an un-optimised portfolio are candidates for retirement and an additional
one-third can require migration or rationalisation.”

Source: Gartner

Our approach

Next Generation Reporting on Legacy Data with Proceed Cella

One of the biggest challenges and costs associated with decommissioning an ERP solution is the creation of reports. Creating reports using ILM technologies or SAP BW can take time and incur development costs.  Proceed have a solution which delivers reports covering most areas of an ERP solution which can be deployed either locally or in the cloud. Enhancing SAP ILM functionality to ensure a successful project completion.

Our Cella product provides SAP centric reports many of which can be used out of the box with minimal development work.  The solution also works for all other legacy ERP solutions. Enabling reports to be created for solutions such as Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, BaaN etc.

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