Remove obsolete systems with SAP and non-SAP decommissioning

Legacy System Data Lock

Simplify and deliver effective SAP and non-SAP legacy system decommissioning

The challenge

Most businesses acquire a high number of legacy systems over a period of time, these systems are expensive to run with inefficient hardware and high licencing costs, whilst complicating the IT infrastructure.  Organisations need to reduce overall costs of their IT Infrastructure, be it to fund new innovative technologies or simply to reduce TCO, with Proceeds Legacy System Data Lock for SAP and Non-SAP legacy system decommissioning.  We simplify the processes, store the data securely and safely should it be required for reporting or auditing purposes, eliminating all associated costs of retaining internally, we even take away the pain of managing this data.


The decommissioning of  legacy systems that are only required for reporting and auditing purposes with Proceeds Legacy Data Lock significantly reduces the TCO of these systems, in most cases achieving a reduction of 80%, additional benefits are;

  • Reduction of Licencing and Hardware costs
  • Data is compliant and retention dates managed within the service
  • Resources are able to concentrate on innovative technologies to improve business development rather than managing systems which offer no value.
  • Reducing costs of managing legacy systems allows for higher spend on new technologies
  • Multi-Tiered security for legacy data, giving peace of mind

How we can help

The Proceeds Legacy System Data Lock services guides customers through the complicated process of decommissioning systems that are only kept on line for occasional use, or to meet with legislation, we simplify the processes needed to complete a project, reducing costs.

We will ensure that:

  • Applications are safely decommissioned
  • Decommissioned data is migrated efficiently
  • Legal requirements for data are met
  • Decommissioned data is easily accessed via SAP or as agreed in SLA

Our service


Using Proceed retention management solutions and applying the most appropriate for each legacy system we will;

  • Complete full system re-platforming
  • Audit copy management
  • Information Cycle Management
  • Any Licencing costs included into management service cost
  • Specific Quality Management compliance for the future including Financial services and Pharmaceuticals
  • “Critical Data” insurance to protect any data in the unlikely event of unfortunate data loss
Tier-3 security management
Flexible Data retirement management
Technology roadmap management


Your legacy data can either be stored in-house, or on the Proceed Cloud Platform.

Our cloud-based storage provides a cost-effective solution, as you only pay for data that is accessed.

If you are considering using Enterprise cloud enablement activities, then lower risk decommissioned data is an excellent starting point.

Our approach

Working across SAP and non-SAP systems, we can support you through our five step approach to decommissioning:

  1. Application identification
    Identify applications that could potentially be decommissioned and establish a complete picture of their current function.
  2. Discovery and analysis
    Explore applications in more detail to estimate feasibility, potential savings and disruption to identify the best candidates for decommissioning.
  3. Decommissioning strategy
    Identify which applications will be decommissioned and how to maximise ROI and minimise disruption.
    Map all technical details for each application and evaluate the impact on business functions.
    Involve stakeholders throughout, and evaluate the overall costs and benefits of decommissioning.
  4. Decommissioning design
    A detailed technical overview of the implementation
    On-going management and review of decommissioning portfolio
  5. Project implementation
    Implement your plan, remembering to document actions, undergo testing and deliver training as you progress.

Read more about our decommissioning stages.

“10% of applications running in an un-optimised portfolio are candidates for retirement and an additional one-third can require migration or rationalisation.”
Source: Gartner

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