Deliver best practice enterprise content management with OpenText Content Server


The simple way to capture, track and store your documents in SAP

The challenge

Implementing a universal system for managing electronic documents across SAP is a significant task.

Without effective management, one of your key business assets – information – is uncontrolled, at risk and costly to maintain and store.

Using OpenText Archive Server we’ll make capturing, accessing, tracking and storing SAP documents intuitive, simple and consistent.


Our expertise in using OpenText Archive Server will help you to:

  • Capture all documents on a central, low-cost, secure server
  • Retrieve documents using an intuitive, customisable interface
  • Promote collaboration through document sharing across applications
  • Reduce IT resource use through safe, timely archiving of aged data
  • Implement an enterprise content management strategy
  • Achieve compliance and reduce risk by archiving documents in a secure, unalterable form

How we can help

The OpenText Archive Server works with SAP to deliver a comprehensive approach to enterprise content management (ECM).

Our experienced SAP consultants can implement an OpenText Archive Server, that:

  • Integrates with the SAP interface for intuitive use
  • Facilitates rapid document access and retrieval
  • Controls and stores documents throughout their lifecycle
  • Applies best practice measures for security and compliance

The OpenText Archive Server can be used to standardise management of documents across your business and is adaptable to future change. Ideal for ongoing ECM.

By capturing everything in one system, you’ll also be able to evaluate the total value of your information assets.

Get started

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