Use SAP data management to rightsize your data and run HANA simply, powerfully and efficiently

RightSizing in Readiness for SAP HANA

Preparing your data in readiness for your migration to SAP HANA

The challenge

SAP HANA offers integrated, innovative applications and amazing opportunities to drive your business forward.  However, without effective SAP data management costs rise, inefficiency grows and business benefits are limited.  By rightsizing your data prior to your migration to  SAP HANA, you can ensure that everything  runs simply and effectively.


Our expertise in SAP data management will help you to:
  • Manage and streamline data more effectively
  • Segregate data based on business value
  • Access data quickly regardless of where it is stored
  • Lower ongoing storage costs
  • Save cost of HANA appliance requirements
  • Minimise resources required for migration
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase return on investment (ROI)

How we can help

Our experienced SAP specialists have a tried-and-tested approach to SAP data management that will streamline your data prior to migrating to SAP HANA.

We’ll analyse your data to produce a detailed SAP data management report, giving details on what data can be deleted, what can go on to cheaper storage and what we recommend you migrate to SAP HANA.

Our approach

Following the completion of an Proceed RightSizing SAP in Readiness for HANA Assessment, we’ll identify:

  • Data no longer required by your business
  • Data not required for day to day operations

This data can be archived to more cost-effective storage.  SAP  users will be able to access archived data easily for reporting and audit purposes.

With streamlined data, migration to SAP HANA is quicker and more cost effective.

In the long-term, storage costs are reduced by controlled data growth and ongoing SAP data management maintains high performance levels for SAP HANA applications.  Also, with your data growth under control, there will be no unexpected hardware refresh expense.

Get started

Our Proceed RightSizing in readiness for SAP HANA Assessment is a perfect place to start when planning a migration to SAP HANA.

An experienced SAP data management consultant will analyse your (non-confidential) data and produce a report outlining how your data can be streamlined.

Download a summary of our RightSizing HANA Solutions.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help.


Six Steps to SAP HANA

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