Remove obsolete systems with SAP and non-SAP decommissioning


Simplify and deliver effective SAP and non-SAP decommissioning

The challenge

We provide a clear, structured approach to SAP and non-SAP decommissioning, providing everything you need to deliver a successful project with great ROI.

As IT systems evolve obsolete applications often continue to run, duplicating functionality and draining resources.

Decommissioning obsolete systems results in significant cost savings – however it can be a complex process.



Our expertise in SAP and non-SAP decommissioning will help you to:

  • Plan, implement and evaluate a decommissioning project
  • Reduce your on-going IT maintenance costs
  • Access legacy data quickly and easily
  • Mitigate risk and increase legal compliance
  • Lower application licensing fees
  • Streamline your data for efficient IT operations
  • Compress and control your data
  • Build an application context for your legacy data
  • Reduce energy consumption delivering green IT
  • Deliver a successful project, with a great ROI

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How we can help

We can help you to safely shut down SAP and non-SAP legacy systems, whilst ensuring that critical data remains accessible.

Designed to help you plan, implement and review a cost-effective project, our Decommissioning Factory service provides:

  • Advice and support from experienced SAP consultants
  • Tried-and-tested project methodology
  • Clear data retention guidelines
  • A suite of tools that can be easily integrated into your systems
  • Experience in secure, effective data archiving
  • Effective reporting for quick access to all archived data

We will ensure that:

  • Applications are safely decommissioned
  • Decommissioned data is migrated efficiently
  • Legal requirements for data are met
  • Decommissioned data is easily accessed via SAP

Our service

Our Decommissioning Factory service includes:

Data monitoring – by extracting specified data from the data source for archival, and extending information on each archived data object to include both source and destination information.

Data retention – through the application of data retention rules to data during archiving, retrieval and destruction.

Data validation – by comparing initial data to archived data for non-repudiation.

Data profiling – assessing data quality, to create a profile analysis that is used as a basis in cleansing the data source.

Data queries – through the provision of a web interface for retrieving archived data or using existing reporting capabilities such as BOBJ/Crystal.


Your legacy data can either be stored in-house, or on your chosen Cloud Platform. Proceed partner with Mirosoft Azure, AWS,  Google and Virtustream.

Our cloud-based solutions are extremely cost-effective solution, as you only pay for data that is accessed.

If you are considering using Enterprise cloud enablement activities, then lower risk decommissioned data is an excellent starting point.

Our approach

Working across SAP and non-SAP systems, we can support you through our five step approach to decommissioning:

  1. Application identification
    Identify applications that could potentially be decommissioned and establish a complete picture of their current function.
  2. Discovery and analysis
    Explore applications in more detail to estimate feasibility, potential savings and disruption to identify the best candidates for decommissioning.
  3. Decommissioning strategy
    Identify which applications will be decommissioned and how to maximise ROI and minimise disruption.
    Map all technical details for each application and evaluate the impact on business functions.
    Involve stakeholders throughout, and evaluate the overall costs and benefits of decommissioning.
  4. Decommissioning design
    A detailed technical overview of how you’re going to implement decommissioning.
  5. Project implementation
    Implement your plan, remembering to document actions, undergo testing and deliver training as you progress.

Read more about our decommissioning stages.

“10% of applications running in an un-optimised portfolio are candidates for retirement and an additional one-third can require migration or rationalisation.”
Source: Gartner

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