Proceed offer innovative SAP business solutions for data management


Specialists in SAP Data Management

Specialising solely on managing data for SAP customers worldwide, controlling growth, reducing costs and enabling compliance

Our experienced SAP consultants provide unrivalled knowledge of SAP data management services and solutions for businesses specifically using SAP.

We’ve successfully assisted over 500 customers across North America and Europe to:

  • Improve business and IT performance
  • Reduce costs (TCO)
  • Increase return on investment (ROI)
  • Assist with data compliance and regulations (GDPR)

How we work

We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and how your IT systems can deliver them.

By combining proven best practice, innovative tools and SAP add-on applications, we tailor solutions and services that meet specific business needs.

Existing customers value our:

  • Unique SAP expertise
  • Best practice approach to implementation
  • Practical solutions, tools and support
  • SAP certified add-on applications
  • Business-wide view
  • Cost-effectiveness and proven ROI

We can help you with:

We also deliver specialist events, provide software and a range of innovative solutions

Who are we?

Proceeds’ team of SAP Consultants based across Europe and North America, are all experienced SAP data management services and solutions experts. Our success is attributed to this and the fact that we specialise specifically in this area. We know our business so we can help you make the best of yours.

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