SAP Business Warehouse data management

SAP BW customers are handling ever increasing levels of data. Data growth raises costs and reduces efficiency.  Infrequently accessed information requires a storage solution that is safe, user friendly and cost effective.

SAP BW solutions

At Proceed Group we offer a few services and products that have been specifically designed and developed to manage your data within your SAP BW environment.

SAP BW Database Analyser tool

Whether you are looking at moving to BW/4HANA or simply want to manage the data within your BW environment, the analyser tool is the best starting point for making any decisions and the creation of a strategy.

Tool features

The BW Database Analyser assists you with the planning and realisation of your SAP Business Warehouse System archiving project.

The SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Database Analyser for volume control,  determines the memory usage for InfoCubes, DataStore objects and PSA tables in your BW database. You can use all measuring values for comparison analyses to estimate the expected database growth for specific InfoProviders.

The BW Database Analyser determines the size of the InfoProviders, consisting of

  • InfoCubes,
  • DataStore objects and
  • PSA tables.

Furthermore, it analyses the chronological distribution of the InfoCube data and DataStore objects.

Benefits of using the analyser tool

The use of the BW Database Analyser answers the following questions:

  • How much is my database increasing?
  • For which InfoProviders does archiving make sense?
  • Which InfoProvider requires most of the disk space?

The SAP BW Database Analyser will help determine:

  • How often data has been accessed and when
  • Provide intelligence to make informed decisions on the data
  • Show how much online BW systems can be reduced by (Particularly useful when migrating to SAP HANA/BW/4HANA)
  • Reduce TCO by controlling data volume growth of the online system

SAP BW Nearline Storage service

If you’re a SAP BW customer, we can help you achieve unprecedented performance levels, with the SAP BW NearLine Storage solution. This will drive the same archiving benefits as you would for example in your ECC6 system.

Keeping your current data in SAP BW, we will use SAP IQ to move your infrequently used data outside of the main database – driving huge cost savings.

This BW NLS solution:

  • Integrates seamlessly into the BW system
  • Compresses data – lowering storage and operational costs
  • Uses time partitioned storage to support easy archive access
  • Implements write-protected, read-only controls to keep online and NearLine data consistent

Most importantly, SAP IQ is user-friendly. SAP Users can access NLS BW data quickly and easily, producing BW queries without reloading.

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