SAP system performance

The problems of today, do not need to be the problems of tomorrow

We have worked with many customers over the years that have been experiencing SAP system performance issues. Everything ranging from total system failures to customers thinking they are managing their data by archiving, but seeing no impact.

The key to addressing performance issues is firstly getting a deeper understanding of how your data and documents are distributed within SAP. Then secondly it should be followed by a structured, proven data management strategy.

Considerations when experiencing system performance issues

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Root cause identification

Due to the complex nature of the SAP data structures, it can happen that the area where the issue reveals it self, may not actually be where the problem is. Uncovering the route cause of your performance issues is crucial to finding a solution.

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Quick wins implementation

The first thing we would ask any customer in this situation, is to find out if they have implemented the standard quick wins. This includes looking at IDOCs, workflows and application logs. Knowing what can be done quickly, can make a big impact.

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Long term strategy

It is important the you also take a longer term view. There is of course immediate action that can be taken, but data will continue to grow and without a well structured plan, the problems will return and sooner than you think.

The cause of system performance issues might be hidden. Once understood and a robust long term strategy is in place, these problems will be something of the past.

How Proceed can help you address your system performance

We always start with doing an assessment of your system and will then provide information on our recommended resolution. We offer a number of services to assist with this

Archiving for SAP

Archiving of data, to get your database size smaller, tends to be our “go-to” solution for addressing system performance. It is not uncommon that 1 in 3 SAP customers have no archiving strategy in place. Let us work with you to resolve this.

Proceed Archiving Service

Without a doubt, a one-off archiving project will have an immediate impact. The best approach though is to continue archiving on a regular basis. We can either do the archiving on your behalf or support your internal efforts.

Content management

Having a content platform which performs within business requirements is key although correct management of content may not have any direct impact on SAP system performance in the same way management and data would have.

Discuss your system performance issues with us