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Maximise the value of SAP through efficient data volume management

Key Benefits of SAP Data Archiving

SAP data growth can be relentless, volatile, and overwhelming. Left unchecked, it can quickly degrade your IT performance, increase costs, and threaten your compliance strategy.

Proceed Archiving for SAP takes control of that growth. By moving inactive SAP data to a secure, accessible repository – this proven, trusted solution reduces your data footprint. The result? Lower IT cost of ownership, optimised IT performance, and confident compliance.

Whether your goal is storage reduction to address system performance, migration to SAP S/4HANA,  move to the cloud or purely managing your data – Proceed is your trusted partner for SAP data archiving.

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Improve system performance

Minimise database growth and improve performance. Less data on the active database improves day-to-day operations from faster system response times to reduced downtime during updates and backups

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Reduce costs

Dramatically reduce hardware, software, and maintenance costs by archiving legacy SAP data to a compressed archive data store. Streamline compliance, retention, and reporting across legacy data sources

Simplify Migration

Reducing your data footprint in preparation for your migration to S/4HANA and/or the Cloud can significantly reduce the costs associated with storage as well as simplify the actual migration process

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Meet regulatory compliance

Ensure availability and authenticity of archived data information in accordance with regulatory compliance, governance, and business requirements. Retain data in a format which protects from modification and premature deletion

12,500 TB storage space saved to date

Up to £1m hyperscaler savings

We don't just understand the technical elements, we also understand the business drivers.  Combined with our proven, best practice methodology we deliver rapid, predictable SAP archiving in any scenario.

How we can help

No-one understands SAP data management like Proceed. It’s what we do. Our proven methodology, integrated services portfolio, and team of expert consultants collaborate with you to take the cost, risk, and complexity out of archiving, so you can right size your SAP environment more quickly and achieve faster time to value. The below approach is focussing on ERP, CRM and SRM. If you are running a SAP Business Warehouse system, learn more how we can help you achieve similar results.

We approach archiving in three phases.  Starting with assessing your system and identifying opportunities for archiving.  This is followed by an archiving project and then lastly we recommend that archiving forms part of the day-to-day activities, and we support you each step of the way. We always apply SAP Data Archiving best practices, that makes success a reality.

Data assessment

Benchmark your current SAP environment using our quick, non-invasive data assessment. Based on non-confidential data that you supply to us, we can provide an analysis on the opportunities to reduce the amount of data in your system and the best approach to follow.  This is the starting point for any archiving project and we provide this at no cost.  

To start your journey, book your free assessment now.

Archiving realisation

Through collaborative engagement, we build an SAP data management strategy tailored to your unique business requirements. That may involve data archiving, information lifecycle management, content management, or a security, privacy and compliance solution.

Our bespoke SAP archiving project methodology is proven across hundreds of SAP archiving implementations.

Continuous archiving

With Proceed Archiving Service, we can not only support your archiving activities, we can also run your daily archiving efforts. This service can also be extended to address growth management and allow for bespoke reporting creation to extract data from the archive.

With databases on average growing between 15 – 20% per year, it is essential that you keep on top of your data.

Case Study: Learn how Gloucestershire County Council reduced migration costs by Rightsizing and Archiving Data

With SAP ECC being replaced by S/4HANA by 2027, organisations like Gloucestershire County Council, are making early strides to prepare for the move, and reviewing the data that sits within their systems to ensure a most efficient transition that is both cost- effective and space efficient.

Learn how, with the help of Proceed Group, they successfully reduced their data volume by 64%

Tool we use

To run successful archiving projects, we make use of a range of software solutions – either developed in-house, licenced by SAP or through our Partnership network such as OpenText. This is the best way to allow for efficient archiving in SAP.

Proceed Rightsizer

The Proceed Rightsizer tools enables SAP customers to optimise their data volumes in preparation for a move to SAP HANA® as well as to keep volumes down once migrated. The analysis provides a detailed overview of your system, suggested actions for data volume management and forecasting for data growth.

SAP Information Lifecycle Management

Ensures appropriate data management in line with internal, external and legislative requirements for the data retention and purging. Also the decommissioning of SAP & Non SAP legacy systems can be done simply and efficiently with SAP ILM in conjunction with Proceed Cella.

SAP Data Archiving by OpenText

OpenText™ Data Archiving for SAP® Solutions supports SAP archiving by securely storing data on a long-term content management platform. When users need the data, it is available directly from the SAP user interface. The solution is fully integrated with SAP applications and supports SAP Information Lifecycle Management.

SAP Document Access by OpenText

OpenText™ Archiving and Document Access for SAP® Solutions allows you to store, manage, and retrieve SAP and non-SAP documents across SAP modules and applications such as SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Business Suite.

We’ve been delighted with our experience of working with Proceed Group, their depth of expertise and support they offer through every stage of the process has been excellent.


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