Mergers and acquisitions

Optimising your systems to fit your new world

Whether you are going through a merger, aquisition or divestment exercise, your systems will need to change. McKinsey & Company estimates that more than 50% of post-merger synergies are IT-related.  Managing a successful integration is instrumental to live up to the goals of the newly created entity. Proceed Group has worked with many organisations in the scenario of mergers and acquisitions – in what can be highly complex and costly projects. The key is to understand the actual business process requirements of the new business inline with regulatory requirements, cost frameworks etc.

Considerations when dealing with mergers and acquisitions

In our experience there are a number of elements to consider when you are creating your post merger or acquisition plans.

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Data requirements

It is very important to understand what the end goal looks like. How is the data currently distributed and how do you need to segregate and separate the information going forward.

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Cost considerations

The more granular your logic for data integration, the more costly and time-consuming it will be. Therefore understanding what the minimum requirements are, allows you to minimise cost, whilst delivering a successful project.

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Your approach

In our experience there are always a number of ways in which things can be done. The key is that you have a good understanding of the implications of your approach. Getting it wrong is not an option.

Let us simplify this part of our post merger or acquisition integration, so you can focus on the bright new world ahead

How Proceed can help during acquisitions, mergers or divestments

We have worked with many customers with their merger or acquisition integrations – and in some cases many years after the fact. The sooner we help, the better the long term benefits.

Decommissioning of legacy systems

In most cases, there will be legacy systems that will no longer be required. The data still needs to be kept though for regulatory and business requirements. We are experts in the decommissioning of SAP and non-SAP systems and can provide extensive advice on the best way forward.

Content management

With mergers and acquisitions, it is important to make sure the correct information is exchanged between the different parties. Correctly extracting and importing documents stored within SAP environments is very important and we have done this for many clients in the past.

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