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Similar to mergers and acquisitions, divestments can be complex when it comes to dealing with your systems landscape. There are also many scenarios ranging from divestment of purely a product range to a complete business unit. Proceed Group has worked with many organisations to develop as well as implement plans to achieve the best outcome when faced with divestment challenges. There can be different ways of getting to the end result and it is important to have experts by your side.

Considerations when dealing with divestments

What has been agreed

It is important to understand the details of what has been agreed in your transitional service agreement (TSA). The TSA agreement will stipulate the information flow between the different parties and what is legally required. This will form the guiding principle for the approach that you need to take. Getting into the detail is important especially from a compliance perspective.

Cost considerations

You might need to provide a system copy to the buyer and delete your own data or they might only be buying the assets in which case you might decommission the relevant data. All of this can be done in a number of ways. It is important to have experienced consultants that can give you guidance in terms of the most cost effective way to achieve your end goal.

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How Proceed can help with a divestment

We have been fortunate enough to help many customers during the years and have seen many different scenarios. This allows us to provide expert advice on the strategy that you should follow.

SAP data deletion service

In most scenarios there will be the need to delete data not in your ownership. Our SAP data deletion utility will provide a structured, automated, compliant way of removing this data. To get to this point takes careful planning, but the this tool will save time and prevent human error.

Decommissioning of legacy systems

In most of divestment scenarios, there will be legacy systems that will no longer be required, however you need to keep hold of the data for regulatory and business requirements. We are experts in the decommissioning of systems and can provide extensive advice on the best way forward.

Content management

When an divestment takes place it is important to make sure the correct information is exchanged between the purchasing and selling organisations. Part of this is correctly extracting and importing a subset of the documents stored within a SAP environment – we can help you with this.

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