Case Study: Derbyshire County Council

Preparing SAP data ahead of Derbyshire County Council’s S/4HANA migration

Industry: Public Sector | Application: Archiving

derbyshire county council case study

Derbyshire County Council is the upper-tier local authority for the non-metropolitan county of Derbyshire in the UK. It is responsible for providing essential services to local communities such as adults and children, community libraries, highways, trading standards and countryside services. It currently employees around 15,000 personnel.

“Whilst our in-house IT team is very skilled, we realised there was a gap in knowledge when it came to archiving, and developing a strategy that suited our organisation. Proceed is known for its expertise in this area. We knew that prior to the migration it was imperative to get our database in the best shape we could, so retaining Proceed offered us the best route to success.”

Neil Worthy, SAP Application Manager at Derbyshire County Council


For a smoother migration process and to reduce costs, Derbyshire County Council, together with Proceed, created an archiving strategy to ensure the existing data infrastructure was as lean as possible prior to the move and that any future data was set to be automatically archived if required but still assessible.


Derbyshire County Council (DCC) has been a long-term SAP user, and with the move to S/4HANA on the horizon it took the decision to ensure the data within its SAP system was as lean as possible before the migration took place. Realising the need to gain as much efficiency as possible, DCC decided to engage with archiving specialists Proceed Group as experts in the archiving field, to prepare its data prior to the move.

Getting data in shape prior to any migration is essential, analysis of and streamlining a database will reduce costs and also make the migration process much smoother. Once the migration has happened, it’s also just as important to keep any future growth under control to prevent spiralling costs and reduce the need for future data streamlining intervention.

Working together to gain data efficiencies

Creating an archiving strategy is key to a successful archiving project, and working with the DCC team, Proceed was able to create an archiving strategy that would deliver the desired results in terms of creating data efficiencies. Part of the process included making decisions about what needed to be archived, and what needed to be retained. Creating maximum efficiencies, this process helps organisations reduce data sprawl and ensures their existing data infrastructure is as lean as possible prior to the move. Imperative to the future success of the programme is also ensuring that any future data created has rulesets for it to be automatically archived if required. But importantly, allowing access to any archived data that needs to be retrieved quickly and easily.

Knowledge share key to future success

  1. Knowledge share key to future success
  2. Understanding internal knowlegde gap
  3. Knowledge transfer

Proceed works hand in glove with its customers to train, and share knowledge with them that enables IT staff to get the most benefit from their work together. An essential part of their offering, is training customer’s staff to carry on the good work that has begun, and ensuring data efficiencies remain in place into the future.

“Since completion of the project, DCC has managed to reduce its SAP database size significantly– which has provided us with cost efficiencies. We’ve been impressed by the flexibility, and professionalism of the Proceed team.”

Neil Worthy, SAP Application Manager at Derbyshire County Council

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