Case Study: Nouryon Speciality Chemicals B.V.

Nouryon's post-acquisition decommissioning project

Industry: Chemicals | Application: Decommissioning | Proceed Cella

nouryon case study

Nouryon is a global leader in Specialty Chemicals, with a strong safety and sustainability track record. The company manufactures essential solutions that customers use to manufacture everyday products for applications in personal care, cleaning, paints and coatings, agriculture and food, pharmaceuticals, and building products. Nouryon employs around 7,650 people worldwide and operates in more than 80 countries around the world.


Nouryon began the process to engage with Proceed when it faced the need to access historical information and data of US-based firm CP Kelco’s CMC business after its acquisition in 2020. In managing compliance, it was important that Nouryon be able to access historical financial and tax data, including product batches that needed to be recalled on a timely basis. 

As CP Kelco was not able to deliver the historical information from its CMC business division in a format that Nouryon could easily use, the data needed to be stored in a sleeper system and access configured to ensure Nouryon remained compliant for quality regulations and in providing information for any necessary future audits. 

Proceed data management specialists called in to help

With such a complex project, the company sought the help of Proceed and their decommissioning tool Proceed CellaJan Reeuwijk, Program Director, at Nouryon said, “Proceed Cella has been a valuable tool for us to use as we manage the complexity of data across different sites.” 

Analysing existing data in preparation

The project started in the second half of 2020, when CP Kelco provided data from their global SAP ECC production system, which was in use by other parts of their main business – so it was key that with security in mind, the only data extracted was related to the CMC business only.  

 As CP Kelco was not able to deliver the historical information from its CMC business division in a format that Nouryon could easily use – Proceed, using Proceed Cella, created a SAP Sleeper system to store historical data in a read-only format. This meant Nouryon could create a data retention system of its own. To ensure consistency, there was full collaboration with the CP Kelco employees who were heavily involved in the filter setting for extraction and in judging the data extraction result.  

CP Kelco employees also reviewed the data sent from the company data center in the US to the Proceed Cella system data center in Germany.   

"We have concluded a very successful project with Proceed, allowing us to remain in compliance with the necessary governing bodies. We now have several people within the organisation that have been fully trained on Proceed Cella, and who have instant access to historical data when required, at the touch of a button. Having been fully trained by the Proceed employees, these staff can now access what they need when they need it. The project was complex, but with the support of the Proceed team we have been able to decommission the data and hold on to relevant information that’s required – whilst completing the project in a limited number of days.”

Jan Reeuwijk, Nouryon

Efficiency and security provided

In total, 1.6 TB of data was captured, with the extraction and transmission process taking 12 calendar days. For data security, access to Proceed Cella has been limited to named employees only.

What is Proceed Cella?

Proceed Cella is a unique decommissioning tool that enables businesses to decommission systems, while retaining full access to their data. End-users are individually provided a comprehensive set of pre-defined reports, ensuring that business, audit and legal requirements are met. It is the first of its kind to give business users access to data through a user-friendly interface while also being completely complementary to SAP ILM. All relevant data is extracted from the source system, including all attachments, and data will go on to be stored in MS SQL Server or SAP IQ, accessible from the Proceed Cella platform. Storage can either be on-premise or cloud-based.

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