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Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Proceed team

SAP Data management is more relevant in today’s digital world than ever before. With the ever-increasing growth of data, new technologies, and new legislation, companies have so much more to prepare for when migrating to SAP HANA. By effectively managing your data, you’ll improve business process and system performance, reduce query times and hardware requirements, and improve data compliance. It’s in your organisation’s best interest to implement a rigorous data management and archiving strategy.

Here are some of the issues a data management strategy can assist SAP customers with:

Unprecedented data growth

Data is growing at a rapid rate and companies must think about how to control the volumes of data if they want to control costs. A data management strategy will ensure you keep only business-relevant data on your production system.

Migrating to SAP HANA

A data management strategy will make it easier to migrate to SAP HANA. Having too much data will only make your systems more complicated. When you move to a new SAP system, you should only move the necessary information that is required. An effective data management strategy will allow you to archive and get rid of any that is no longer used and has reached its end of life.

Compliance and Legislation

If your business is going to run an SAP system, compliance is definitely something you should be concerned about. Every business that deals with data is subject to certain regulations, especially with the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies need to retain the online information in SAP systems in accordance with the necessary regulations. Not complying with regulations will not only lead to exorbitant fines but can also damage your company’s reputation. Quite often businesses do not see the benefit or value of a data management strategy. If you’d like to know more, take advantage of our complimentary SAP Data Assessment. Once we receive your (non-confidential) data, we will produce a report which will show you:

  • What business-complete data can be removed from the production system onto cheaper tier storage
  • What business data can be deleted
  • If migrating to HANA, how you can save on project costs by reducing data and size of HANA appliance
  • Data housekeeping Quick Wins

Access our SAP Data Assessment overview and instructions here.

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