Preparing to move SAP DATA to a S/4HANA Cloud Service

Jun 24 | 14:00 - 15:00 GMT

A new ERP will present challenges for an organisation: resources; compliance; maintenance as well as keeping up with all the new technologies. The new ERP implementation will also face pressure to reduce costs, be more efficient and deliver more value to the business.

Making the move in the most cost-effective way and selecting the right cloud solution is therefore high up on the agenda for any successful delivery team.

SAP user organisations facing future S/4HANA plans have a spectrum of choices available for SAP & Cloud services, and how best to prepare and optimise the migration strategy.

Opal Wave and Proceed have joined forces in this webinar to provide a “Preparation Check List” for a move to the cloud.

What will you learn?

In this interactive session you will learn more about factors that influence the best solution for you:

1.    System rationalisation can simplify your move and reduce TCO by up to 80%.
2.   S/4HANA as a Product or as a Service, two-tier ERP model and impact of ‘RISE with SAP’.
3.   Choosing the best strategy for legacy systems.
4.   How to prepare your SAP data to optimise your system and reduce your costs.
5.   Using multiple partners/cloud/solutions for diversity and reducing risk
6.   How SAP platforms can provide more diversity and simplify your landscape.

We look forward seeing you there.

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