Proceed Cella Cloud Now Available on the SAP Store

Monday, November 20th, 2023

Proceed team

We are excited to announce that Proceed Cella Cloud, by Proceed Group, is now available on the SAP Store, the renowned online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. This listing provides SAP customers with easy access to our innovative solution for decommissioning multiple legacy systems while maintaining complete access to the business data they need. 

Proceed Cella Cloud represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to helping businesses modernise their IT infrastructure. Particularly advantageous for businesses embarking on S/4HANA greenfield migrations, for businesses involved in mergers and acquisitions, and the challenge of transitioning data from non-cloud-compatible legacy systems to cloud-based platforms. 

By enabling organisations to decommission both SAP and non-SAP legacy systems efficiently, Proceed Cella Cloud not only reduces total cost of ownership by up to 80% but also mitigates various business risks associated with outdated systems. 

“Our platform revolutionises how businesses approach legacy data management,” said Robert Reuben, MD, from Proceed Group. “With Proceed Cella Cloud available on the SAP Store, we are making our comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solution easily available, helping SAP customers to navigate away from outdated systems, mitigate risks, and embrace a more sustainable, cost-effective IT strategy.” 

Proceed Cella Cloud boasts a range of features designed to simplify and enhance the legacy data management process:

  • Comprehensive legacy data management: Businesses can retire multiple legacy systems while retaining full access to both the structured and unstructured business data they need.
  • User-friendly interface: Built on SAP Fiori, the intuitive user interface requires minimal training, making it accessible to all users.
  • Advanced reporting and filtering: Offers rich reporting and viewing options, including pre-designed reports and a sophisticated report writer for custom reports.

Proceed Cella Cloud has versatile deployment options, including its availability as a Software-as-a-Service solution, a cloud solution, and an on-premise / hosted server solution.

“We have concluded a very successful project with Proceed, allowing us to remain in compliance with the necessary governing bodies. We now have several people within the organisation that have been fully trained on Proceed Cella, and who have instant access to historical data when required, at the touch of a button. Having been fully trained by the Proceed employees, these staff can now access what they need when they need it.” – Jan Reeuwijk, Program Director, Nouryon

“Our customers are already seeing the real value of how Proceed Cella can help them realise the benefits of legacy system decommissioning. This is critical in us providing a broader, higher value data management proposition to our customers and prospects.” – Chris Gorton, SVP EMEA North, South and Emerging Markets at Syniti

Explore the potential of Proceed Cella Cloud on the SAP Store and take a step towards efficient, risk-free, and sustainable legacy data management.

View the official Proceed Cella Cloud listing on the SAP Store.


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