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Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Proceed team

Sunflag Steelsunflag steel logo has been a long-term user of SAP and since 2001 its SAP ECC (SAP’s ERP Central Component) has been core to its database environment.  With managing the cost effectiveness of its sprawling database landscape becoming an increasing priority, the company embarked on an archiving project in 2018.  Working with another vendor, the company hit some roadblocks and the archiving project was shelved mid project.   This left the business with a number of issues, including some documents that were supposed to be archived, that were still not.

Working with Proceed key to successful next steps

The IT team at Sunflag wanted to work with an archiving specialist who understood the SAP infrastructure, and who had the skills to complete the project efficiently and cost effectively.  Proceed Group were one of three vendors shortlisted, and given the extensive experience of the Proceed team, Sunflag didn’t hesitate in engaging with them to commence with the project.

Samit Banerjee, Head – ACE & IT (Systems) at Sunflag commented, “After reviewing several suppliers, we very quickly realised that Proceed Group had exceptional skills and experience in this area and we were delighted to begin work with them.”


Going back to move forward

Having made it a company policy to archive data every eight years, the Proceed team began with re-evaluating the initial project started in 2018 that had been abandoned.  This involved looking at data for 2011/12, correcting any errors and filling the gaps left behind by the previous archiving vendor and carefully deleting the data from FY 2011/12.   

As part of the service, the Proceed team created a strategy for the archiving process, which is key to any archiving project – this enabled a clear view to achieving the desired outcome. Working closely with the Sunflag team, Proceed helped resolve the existing open document and data issues from the previously abandoned project, as well as performing a full data analysis and system health check, archiving, deleting the whole data from 2011/12 and completing a Oracle DB re-organisation.

Within 2 months, Proceed had completed a full archive of data and data deletion for FY 2011/12. It also implemented archiving for Sunflag’s Plant Maintenance Module.

Samit Banerjee, Head – ACE & IT (Systems) at Sunflag commented, “The Proceed Group team have played an invaluable part in the success of our archiving project, not only did we achieve the cost efficiencies we’d hoped for, but we have more than achieved the project ROI.  We would highly recommend working with such a flexible and knowledgeable team.”

About Proceed Group

SAP and data management specialist, Proceed Group is a UK headquartered business that has to date helped 650 customers across the globe to improve business and IT performance, reduce costs, increase ROI and assist with data compliance and regulations management. Its services and software tools for SAP automates data archiving, decommissioning and content management processes, allowing businesses to gain business agility, relieve strain on internal resources and increase efficiencies in deployment and maintenance.

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