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SAP data archiving that delivers real business benefits

The challenge

More data has been created in the last five years than in the entire history of mankind. Managing this data explosion is a growing challenge.

Effective SAP data archiving will control your data growth and support legal compliance.

Without a SAP archiving strategy – costs rise, productivity levels plummet and frustrated users increase pressure on IT resources.


Our expertise in SAP data archiving will help you to:
  • Control data growth through effective management
  • Boost business agility through improved IT performance
  • Improve efficiency and raise user productivity
  • Lower data volumes – streamlining your systems
  • Reduce time required for upgrades and backups
  • Mitigate risk and comply with data regulations
  • Reduce SAP total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase SAP return on investment (ROI)

How we can help

We’ll help you plan and implement an effective SAP data archiving strategy, across your business, using our tried and tested project methodology.

We can help with:

Our SAP data archiving consultants identify and archive data no longer required by your online systems. This data is accessed and archived or deleted from the main system – freeing up space and streamlining your data.

Archived data remains accessible, should you require it for reporting, auditing or other business purposes.

Get started

Our complimentary Proceed RightSizing SAP Assessment for ERP, CRM, SRM and Proceed RightSizing SAP BW Volume Assessment are the perfect places to start.

A SAP consultant will analyse your data and produce a report outlining how your data can be streamlined.

We also provide complimentary RightSizing Assessments for SAP customers who are migrating to HANA (ERP, CRM, SRM & BW etc) but in order to reduce project costs need to reduce their data footprint.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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