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Proceed has extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation and project management of OpenText projectsOur expertise extends to OpenText VIM, Extended ECM and Archiving and Document Access in the cloud and on premise.

We have worked with a wide range of customers in conjunction with SAP and some examples include Nationwide, Lloyds Bank, ASDA, Vodafone, Co-op, Kingfisher and Manchester Airport Group.

Here is a short extract of an upcoming Case Study about the work we did with Premier Food, a leading British food manufacturer.   

Premier Food were planning a migration of its on-premise data centre to a cloud based solution with AWS, with a view to creating new OpenText application servers in the AWS cloud and upgrading the current applications from version 10.5 (which is soon to be out of support) to version 16.2.

“It was critical for this project that we worked with a knowledgeable team - archiving data in preparation for migration was a key component of this project. Proceed has valuable experience in this area, so we were happy to hand over the key elements of this to them.”

Dan Rabbitt, Infrastructure Specialist at Premier

Proceed installed the development/QA OpenText applications on a new server, and configured the Archives and Archive Centre to the same specifications as the existing server as the initial part of the project.  

Once this was configured, Proceed then copied the archived data across to the new server and imported this data into the Archive Centre.  Once complete, the SAP instances were re-directed to the new server where user acceptance testing was performed. This was then repeated for each product server, and in order to minimise production outages, Proceed created new volumes in each of the archives making them the default volume to write to and enabled them to copy and import the bulk of the data prior to cutover – thus minimising the length of the outage to the business to two hours instead of days.  

A full reconciliation was performed on completion, to confirm that no data had been lost or removed incorrectly.  

“The amount of data we were dealing with was vast, but with Proceed’s help we have been able to provide a continuation of our service with no impact to our end users whilst also creating huge efficiencies in our data centre.”

Dan Rabbitt, Infrastructure Specialist at Premier

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