Express SAP data management for year-end impact

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

Proceed team

As we edge closer to the close of the year, it’s time to reflect on the performance and health of your SAP systems and consider strategies for ensuring they enter 2024 at their absolute best. With Proceed Group’s express services, it’s possible to realise substantial improvements quickly, ensuring your SAP environment is primed and optimised. Unlock quick wins and long-term strategies with these express solutions.

Here’s how we can make a difference, fast:

Immediate database size reduction – All systems covered

  • Quick win: Our data deep dive quickly uncovers actionable reduction opportunities across all SAP systems, including SAP BW, providing instant enhancements and database size reduction.
  • Long-term: Beyond immediate gains, gain a complete picture of a full archiving project’s scope, cost, and maximal data management opportunities tailored to your business.
  • Real world results: 80% database size reduction for Croda International in 3 months. Read the full case study here

Fast-track to SAP compliance 

  • Quick win: Quickly understand your business-specific compliance, considering all legal, industry, and internal requirements for data protection and deletion, along with essential tools for access control, complemented by blueprint to guide your journey towards full compliance.
  • Long-term: Shift from initial insights to action, deploying a structured framework that ensures ongoing compliance. Optional expert guidance to assist in implementing the blueprint and maintaining consistent regulatory alignment.
  • Real world results: 7 day GDPR assessment with Helsinki University. Read the full case study here

Extend compliance to test & training systems

  • Quick win: Our product Proceed Automate aligns your test and training environments with your compliant production system, closing the compliance gap in just a few months.

5-Day S/4HANA readiness assessment for OpenText

  • Quick win: In just 5 days, our targeted assessment will outline exactly what you need to do to upgrade your OpenText solution for S/4HANA readiness.
  • Long-term: This assessment goes beyond immediate needs, offering a roadmap to maximise the new functionalities of your OpenText upgrade.

Why choose Proceed Group?

  • Expertise: Over 750 successfully completed data management projects.
  • Pre-built solutions: No need to reinvent the wheel; we have tested and proven solutions.
  • Timely delivery: Capable of delivering results within tight year-end timelines.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your SAP system or preparing for transitions like S/4HANA, RISE, or a cloud journey, our express solutions offer quick wins for immediate impact.

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