How is SAP ILM Licenced?

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

How is SAP ILM Licenced?

Retention and deletion capabilities from ILM are included in the SAP NetWeaver license at no additional cost ONLY for the purposes of managing personal data to meet GDPR and similar privacy requirements (any other data requires a paid license)


Managed systems are all production systems with a unique system ID that are controlled, managed, monitored, or retired by the software
System decommissioning: managed systems are systems that are retired using SAP ILM
Archiving, retention management and GDPR: managed systems are systems for which data retention management rules are defined


If you have 3 SAP systems with Archiving requirements (data retention) and 4 legacy systems that are to be decommissioned then 7 SAP ILM licences are required.