What is the difference between ECM and ILM?

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) includes Document Management, management of incoming documents (scan), management of outgoing documents (print), Records Management, Web Content Management, E-Mail Management, Case Management, Collaboration Management, and Enterprise Search.

ECM contains the storage of unstructured data, here the term “archiving” is often used in this area, but please do not confuse it with SAP data archiving (archiving of structured data).

ILM includes capabilities for managing the retention of structured data as well as unstructured data. With unstructured data we mean ArchiveLink documents attached to the structured data, e.g. scanned invoices or financial documents, and print lists. Apart from such attachments and print lists ILM is not intended for managing the retention of other types of unstructured data.